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From the School Director

Welcome, Biology Educators, to the online Master of Science in Teaching of Biological Science program at the University of Illinois. It is an extraordinary time to be a biology educator! Our knowledge is growing at an enormous pace and the solutions to many of the fundamental challenges facing society – sustainability, human health, food security and energy – have their roots in biology. We have designed courses to help you stay at the cutting edge so you can train the next generation of biologists, a generation of young scientists who need to be conversant with modern principles in biology, who think like biologists, and, most importantly, have the skills to continually refresh their knowledge.

The program is designed to give you the opportunity to earn the M.S. or graduate credits while living and teaching at home. The six core biology courses in this program, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Sustainability and Global Change, Human Genome and Bioinformatics, Evolution and Medicine, Biology and Tech Innovation, Evolutionary Biology, have been carefully selected to address those areas of biology advancing most rapidly. Additionally, they have been designed to provide you with teaching modules that you can implement in your classroom. The education courses, Learning in Science, Science Inquiry and Educational Reform, and the Capstone Project, will strengthen your pedagogy and refresh your approach to biology education. Take 5 Biology and 3 Education courses and earn your M.S. degree or take some to earn graduate credit. These short, online courses are designed to work within the demanding schedules of today’s biology teachers.

Good luck on your journey into the future of biological sciences.

Professor Carla Cáceres
Director, School of Integrative Biology, University of Illinois